If you’re a facility manager, there’s a good chance you’ve had a conversation with your leadership team about ESG. Short for environmental, social, and governance issues, ESG is becoming a popular metric for businesses and organizations to evaluate their impact. According to ESG analysts MSCI, climate issues are at the top of the ESG agenda, which means the climate impact of your building may be under increasing scrutiny. The good news? Facilities managers and building owners can make quick, large impacts by boosting efficiency, William Cowell de Gruchy writes in Facility Executive.

“The path forward is to take a strategic and holistic look at what to measure, what systems (sensors and data) you need—in order to derive maximum ROI on all counts: sustainability, efficiency, and healthiness,” de Gruchy writes. “A systematic framework that covers most measures mentioned here is LEED, the most widely used green building rating system worldwide. There are many complementary and competing ESG and green building standards, and which ones predominate is largely determined by which country, state, and city a business operates in.”

To help inform your discussions around ESG and the climate impact of your building, check out our overview of the fundamentals of propane for commercial buildings. The overview provides some easy-to-digest facts about the clean energy and cost-saving advantages of propane systems so you can be prepared to discuss retrofits and upgrades that can make a positive impact.

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