With no signs of a slowdown in the growth of e-commerce businesses and online shopping, the warehouse sector appears poised to continue its rapid growth. Architects and engineers who are bidding on or designing these projects have a new training course that can inform their work: “Meeting the Energy Needs of Warehouse Facilities With Propane.”

This print training course on Hanley Wood University examines the rapidly expanding warehouse vertical and identifies opportunities for using propane in these buildings. Warehouses, distribution centers, and fulfillment centers are spreading out over larger sites to maintain efficiency, and to find enough affordable space, companies are moving to less-developed areas where land is cheaper. Propane is helping building designers and construction professionals deliver efficient and effective heating solutions tailored to those projects’ needs.

The training course, which is eligible for continuing education credit through the American Institute of Architects, includes several case studies of warehouses and distribution centers using innovative technology. The course also covers a variety of applications, including space heating, ventilation, radiant heat, standby power, and forklift operation.

Check out the course here.