As the fuel mix used for boilers changes to blend renewable and alternative sources, such as hydrogen and renewable propane, with traditional fuels, one technology may play an important role in using these fuels effectively: gas adaptive combustion. In U.S. Boiler’s newsletter, Jerry King, technical sales support specialist for Heating Solutions Sales Company, explains this technology and the impact it has on boiler professionals.

“Gas adaptive boiler systems have no adjustment screws on the gas valve and self-calibrate to set combustion,” King writes. “Eliminating the need to manually set combustion saves time at installation and on service calls. When fuel conversion is necessary, you simply move the fuel selector switch and complete a parameter change in the control. During initial startup and pre-set intervals thereafter, the system will calibrate on its own to ensure the boiler is running at its optimal efficiency and to verify the ignitor/flame rod is not compromised.”

U.S. Boiler’s Alta condensing boiler utilizes the technology so that no manual gas valve adjustments are needed, converting to propane is a simple two-step process, and efficiency and emissions are optimized. It’s a technology to monitor as our fuel mix continues to evolve in the years ahead.

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