While the world carries on about electrification as THE solution for climate change, America has an opportunity to transition medium-duty fleets using an American-made fuel that is readily available and abundant in supply. There is enough surplus propane being produced in the U.S. – 20 billion gallons – to convert half of the country’s medium-duty vehicles from diesel to propane. This would reduce carbon emissions by 21 million metric tons, which is equivalent to taking 4.5 million cars off the road every year.

Medium-duty vehicles that use conventional propane produce 10 to 15 percent fewer carbon emissions compared with diesel and are cleaner than electricity in 38 states since 60 percent of electricity is still generated from fossil fuels according to the Energy Information Administration.

Earlier this year, engine manufacturer Cummins announced new breakthrough engine technology so efficient that, when paired with propane and other clean fuels, it will reduce carbon emissions in medium-duty fleets by an additional 20 percent.

As we approach Earth Day 2022, we urge Americans, regardless of political affiliation, to accept a wide path approach that uses multiple energy solutions to satisfy a variety of applications. Only then will we truly begin to achieve our climate goals.

-Tucker Perkins, President and CEO, Propane Education and Research Council