When the old water heaters at Wynlakes Golf & Country Club in Montgomery, Alabama, began to reach the end of their life, it wasn’t just the efficiency that was affected. With amenities such as a full-service salon and a water park available to members, hot-water performance was suffering during periods of peak demand. So an upgrade to two new 100-gallon Rheem Triton high-efficiency commercial gas water heaters offered a solution that both improved performance and slashed energy bills, Peter Mosher, product management application engineer for Rheem, writes in Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer.

“Boasting a 97% thermal efficiency — significantly higher than standard water heaters — the new Triton units cut gas costs by 66%, saving just under $7,000 in the first year of operation,” Mosher writes. “That’s a monthly savings of $583. The result is a calculated payback when compared to like-for-like replacement of the existing standard gas units of 2.4 years (assuming the standard gas tank installation is an average of $4,000).”

With fast recovery rates to meet high-demand applications, commercial propane and gas water heaters generally offer lower operating costs than heating oil or electric storage tank units. And as the Wynlakes project shows, they can offer a simple and straightforward replacement option when older water heaters reach the end of their life.

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