A recent Consulting-Specifying Engineer webcast by Mark Taylor, a technical marketing advisor for Cummins Inc., explored a timely topic for building architects and engineers. As propane- and natural-gas-fueled generator sets reach the market with diesel-like performance, what are the best applications for these gaseous generators, and how do they fit with performance and code requirements?

The entire webcast provides valuable insights, but Taylor provided some additional Q&A in a column on Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s website. His answers provided both technical insight and general advice. Asked about best applications for gaseous gensets, for instance, Taylor replied: “Gaseous-fueled generators are great for customers who express a strong disinterest with diesel fuel maintenance.”

Other questions that may be relevant to professionals evaluating generators for their buildings included advice on sizing propane tanks and the difference between liquid propane and gaseous propane for gensets. For more background on propane and backup power in commercial applications, check out our Backup Power for Commercial Buildings course on Hanley Wood University.

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