It can be tempting for builders to run the built-in HVAC system in the projects they’re building as a heat source. But doing so can create long-term problems down the road, the Build Show Network’s Wade Paquin says in a recent video.

“Even when you put filtration in some of the return ducts, it’s going to cake up the blades on the fan, it’s going to get the ducts dirty, you’re going to have to clean the ducts,” he says. “It’s just something you don’t want to get into.”

Paquin’s unique solution? A mobile propane packaged gas/electric rooftop unit rigged on a trailer that can go from site to site and heat up to a 3,500-square-foot home. “The benefit of using this is we’re not introducing any dust to the homeowner’s system that’s being installed,” Paquin says. “That’s the key here is to look out for the client’s investment in their heating and cooling system and to make sure that we’re turning over a house to them that’s providing very good air quality.”

Towable products like generators and Paquin’s heater can be versatile solutions for construction teams that need to move their equipment around to different sites or even relocate equipment on the same site — and with propane, crews can quickly get energy set up on site for heat and power. Summer is already the time to start putting your jobsite heat plan in place, so find a local propane supplier now to partner with for your winter projects.

Check out the video.