The ability of power-vented propane fireplaces to vent anywhere has allowed designers to configure these units as show-stopping centerpieces. But a new design from Focus fireplaces brings a twist — literally — to the fireplace as centerpiece. The Gas Gyrofocus can rotate, suspending from the ceiling to create a sleek, pivoting, show-stopping fire feature.

The Gas Gyrofocus is the world’s first gas fireplace that can rotate, according to the manufacturer.

“The Gas Gyrofocus has a newly patented technology that allows butane or propane gas to travel through a sealed pipe and into the suspended fireplace while it pivots 100 degrees,” the manufacturer says in a feature in Dezeen Showroom. “With zero particle emissions, the odourless fireplace is suitable for long-term use indoors, in private homes as well as public spaces.”

Like other propane and gas fireplaces, the Gyrofocus can be operated with a remote control for instant ignition, adjustment of flame and heat intensity, and programming for controlled, constant, and comfortable heat. As fireplace installer Justin Isaacson highlights in a Tech & Trends video, modern, linear fireplaces are gaining in popularity for the chic luxury they can add to any project. The Gyrofocus’ unique design offers yet another way for architects and designers to set their projects apart with propane fire features.

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