With extreme weather conditions and devastating power outages like Texas recently experienced, it’s more important than ever to ensure you always have access to the power you need to protect your livestock and livelihood. Large power outages from severe weather or natural disasters like the California wildfires, as well as rolling blackouts like the Midwest experienced this winter, can quickly wreak havoc on an agriculture business. These situations reinforce the importance of a diversified energy mix, and propane plays a very important role in this energy conversation. When the grid can’t keep up with demand or unexpected events come up, producers using propane can rest easy knowing they will still have access to power anytime and anywhere they need it.


We all have to work together toward clean energy, and propane powered equipment makes it easy by meeting all Tier 4 Standards and EPA regulations as an approved alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990. This means producers can spend less time or money on additional equipment or steps necessary to make diesel engines meet the same standards. Propane powered equipment even produces 43 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid system.


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