Our team conducted a research study to gain important insights into the use of propane across the agricultural industry, specifically focused on corn/soybean growers in the Midwest and fruit/vegetable growers in California. We conducted interviews with over 200 growers throughout February and March of 2020, gaining valuable information to help continue to make propane an efficient, useful energy source for farm equipment.

The study revealed an overwhelming number of Midwest producers are choosing propane for grain drying compared with other energy options — approximately 75% of respondents. It also revealed propane’s widespread use among producers on their farms and in their homes, including that 82 percent of hog farmers using building heat choose propane, and 83 percent of California respondents using flame weeding systems choose propane. Additionally, propane is being used for a variety of home applications, from home and water heating to outdoor grilling or indoor cooking. When asked the primary reasons for choosing propane, respondents noted easy access, convenience, state compliance, and environmental benefits as key factors.

The study results showcase propane’s versatility and performance among farms across the nation. PERC will continue to collect valuable field data like this to ensure we’re up to date on propane use and possibilities for improvement moving forward.

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