Propane-powered generators offer reliable, consistent power independent of the grid—an invaluable asset for many agricultural operations. With propane generators, producers do not have to rely on access to the power grid or a natural gas line, or risk peak pricing of electricity. These generators also eliminate the risk of power outages, which can quickly damage an agricultural business.

Propane generators are available in a wide variety of capacities, so there’s a size and model that will meet the needs of any home, business, or building. For operations requiring quick, mobile power access, options like Stateline Power’s towable propane-powered generators are an ideal choice. These generators offer easy transporting, fast installation, and optimal power for a convenient alternative to purchasing a standard generator.

Keith Fields, Sales Director at Stateline Power, has witnessed many users making the switch to propane in recent years as they recognize its many benefits. “If the current trend holds true, we expect more and more propane generators to be used moving forward,” said Fields. “And with our own in-house fabrication, we can do everything ourselves to build these high-quality generators from the ground up, making them customizable to meet customers’ specific needs.”

Because propane does not degrade over time like gasoline, it’s also a more stable and reliable fuel that can be used as needed. And with increasing environmental regulations and Tier 4 standards, using propane-powered generators eliminates the inconvenient, time-consuming requirements of its diesel counterparts.