Facilities managers shopping for an HVAC system want to make sure they’re asking the right questions as part of their research process. In Facility Executive, the Propane Education & Research Council’s Bryan Cordill shares answers to some of the most common questions PERC gets from facilities pros.

For example, while facilties are considering the brand, model, and cost of the HVAC equipment they’re buying, they might also have questions about the energy source, especially if natural gas is unavailable. “Propane offers efficiency, lower emissions, reliability, and versatility in a wide variety of commercial applications — whether in office spaces, multifamily buildings, schools, restaurants, retail stores, or hospitals,” Cordill writes. “Plus, with propane, facility managers can include first-rate amenities regardless of where their building is located. Because it’s stored on site, it’s not limited to locations accessible by the natural gas line.”

Facilites professionals may also wonder whether it’s worth investing more upfront to install high-efficiency equipment. Cordill believes the lifetime savings can make high-efficiency systems a smart investment. “Propane systems offer best-in-class efficiency and, subsequently, decreased energy bills,” he writes. “Commercial propane furnaces, for example, have efficiency levels of 80% to 98.5% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). When comparing high-efficiency propane furnaces to standard heat pumps in several regions across the U.S. — the Northeast, Midwest, and Northwest — the annual energy costs of propane equipment offered significant savings.”

Check out the article to see examples from several real-world projects using efficient propane systems to meet demanding HVAC requirements, including the Circle S Farms cannabis facility in Apex, Nevada.

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