Greenhouse operations of any kind need consistent conditions inside without fear of interruption. It’s up to the building’s energy source to deliver on both.

When it comes to maintaining the specific conditions needed to grow flowers, plants, or even cannabis, no other energy source can deliver consistent results — in any location — quite like propane.

Greenhouse Heating

Propane is a versatile fuel and can provide heat a variety of ways, so greenhouses of any kind can benefit. It can power forced-air furnaces that heat the air to keep building temperatures at optimal levels, or it can power bottom-heat boilers that warm the water being used to grow flowers and plants requiring a warmer soil temperature for its root zone to grow.

It can also be used for dehumidification to pull moisture out of the air, which reduces plant disease and increases overall product quality.

Power Generation

Just as important as its ability to keep temperatures consistent, propane also provides reliability that a greenhouse’s energy source will never be interrupted. Propane generators allow for a greenhouse to operate anywhere without being restricted by the local power grid. These commercial-grade propane generators are must-haves for greenhouses in regions where strong seasonal storms can knock utility power offline or where blackouts are becoming more common. Propane generators can also be used to power cooling systems for greenhouse operations that require them, providing even more precise growing temperatures.

Learn more about propane building heat and watch a video about propane-powered generation here.