Mechanical Hub’s interview with the Propane Education & Research Council’s Bryan Cordill covers a range of hot topics, from the electrification of everything to developments in renewable propane. While the interview took place before the pandemic-related economic slump, Cordill’s analysis of growth areas for commercial construction could provide a clue to where the opportunities will lie when the economic engine gets back on track.

Tankless water heater technology continues to improve, and we see new installations that free up so much floor space in the mechanical room you hardly recognize it,” Cordill tells Mechanical Hub. “There’s also tremendous growth in hospitality, not just restaurants but also hotels. CHP, CCHP and micro-CHP are all getting attention from manufacturers. We saw four or so different manufacturers and approaches to delivering these products while at the [AHR Expo] show.”

Cordill also identifies the burgeoning cannabis industry and replacement of oil-fired boilers as areas that will continue to see solid growth in the years ahead.

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