A Reliable Fuel to Sustain America’s Farms

Bud and John Walvoord are third-generation farmers in Waterloo, Nebraska. When they needed to replace their irrigation engines, they knew what to do. After all, their previous three engines lasted 38 years. The answer: Propane.

Propane fueled their first irrigation well in 1976 and now powers many more today.

“They sit out there, day in and day out, you can just hear them [irrigation engines] purring along. It gives us something we can rely on,” says John.

That reliability makes propane a permanent presence on the family farm to not only irrigate the crops but to heat their homes, and to dry grain.

You could say propane is as much a part of the farm as the Walvoord family. And it will continue to be. As a clean fuel, propane creates a future Bud and John can feel good about providing for the next generation of their family.

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