The Propane Education & Research Council recognizes that the future of farming lies in the hands of the next generation of farmers, our Future Farmers of America. To support the organization, connect firsthand with students, and share information about propane and its role in the ag industry now and moving forward, PERC sponsored a booth at the 2019 FFA convention. At the show, PERC hosted a “truth or dare” game for students, which encouraged networking and building connections with other students at the show, while also providing facts about propane to educate students about propane’s role in the agriculture industry and available farm equipment.

“The show provided a great opportunity for us to build connections with the students, learn more about their own understanding of propane’s role in ag, and discuss why we feel propane is the farm fuel of the future,” said Mike Newland, Director of Ag Business Development at PERC. “The game was a fun way to open up those conversations and help us understand the best ways to support the Future Farmers of America moving forward.”

In addition, PERC has created lesson plans for advisors and educators, which offer valuable information about the propane and agriculture industries for junior high and high school students. These FFA lesson plans are available to download for free.

“We hope these lesson plans are a valuable resource for advisors to use when educating students, offering up-to-date information on new propane-powered equipment, and much more,” said Newland. “We look forward to working more with the next-generation farmers to ensure we’re supporting them in their future careers.”