After last year’s Midwest flooding and logistics concerns across several states, our industry is already preparing for the 2020 season. While it is impossible to fully predict and prepare for such natural disasters, we are taking the steps necessary to plan ahead by having discussions now and creating resources that will help propane marketers and farmers be as prepared as possible moving forward as well.

With today’s more advanced combines, the pace of harvesting can consequently strain the ability to dry the corn crop. There will continue to be an increase in the amount of fuel needed and how quickly it is used when grain drying. And because grain drying needs occur in the harvest season when propane demand is typically higher than normal due to home and other heating needs as well, we know we could run into this situation again in years to come—particularly during wet seasons.

To be as proactive as possible, our PERC team is currently working together with propane suppliers, state executives, and organizations across the U.S. to discuss the 2019 natural disaster and how to prepare for the future. PERC is developing several tools available to producers and propane suppliers to help prepare for such events, including a Grain Dryer Demand Model Tool, which will help propane marketers gauge propane demand regionally to prepare for distribution needs; and a Grain Dryer Calculator, which will allow farmers to input key points to calculate how many gallons of propane are needed to dry a specific amount of crop to specific moisture reduction levels. We will be working with customers and propane suppliers to ensure they are aware of these tools and ready to use them to help alleviate the transportation concerns that disrupted so many farmers in 2019.

We also want to hear from you, so we are opening up a Q&A where I encourage you to ask me any follow-up questions you might have about the current situation, logistics concerns, predictions for the upcoming planting and harvest seasons, or whatever else is on your mind.

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