It’s a persistent thorn in the side of every hardworking heating contractor: competition from lowest-cost competitors that cut corners and give the industry a bad name. In ACHR News, reporter Joanna Turpin speaks with several experienced contractors about the importance of proper furnace installation procedures and how proper training can help ensure your own team members are getting the job done right.

Improper furnace installations can lead to a poor customer experience or increased energy consumption, so it’s important for contractors to treat each project differently “because there will always be differences in how the home is constructed, as well as the equipment selected for the job. For example, there are major differences in the ways in which 80 percent and 90 percent-plus AFUE furnaces are installed,” Doug Priestley, manager of technical services at Nortek Global HVAC, tells the reporter.

“Many mistakes can be prevented if the instructions are read prior to installation,” Priestley says. “It is also important to attend training frequently, because equipment changes from year to year.”

Proper training is just as important when it comes to propane distribution systems, which is why the Propane Education & Research Council is helping to spread propane training nationwide. If you know someone who teaches or trains plumbing and HVAC professionals, nominate them to win a free trip and training in Nashville, Tennessee; Chicago; Phoenix, Arizona; or Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

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