Brian Antonsen isn’t shy about his views. In his recent preview of construction technology for 2020 and beyond, the vice president of mechanical construction at McKinstry writes in PHCP Pros: “Today’s built environment is needlessly inefficient and broken. Buildings cost far too much to design, build, operate, and maintain.”

The good news is that help is on the way. Among Antonsen’s top predictions: the rise of building networks and intelligent energy management systems. The latest propane technology anticipates Antonsen’s vision in many respects. Next-gen propane boilers, for instance, incorporate burner management and combustion control in integrated control system platforms. Manufacturers are introducing tankless water heaters and heating systems that integrate with remote monitoring and app control systems on the residential and commercial side.

With more advances to come, commercial facility managers will be paying close attention to technologies that can remotely monitor real-time HVAC performance data to assess and adjust operational performance on the fly.

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