What does a data storage center have in common with indoor marijuana farming? Quite a bit, it turns out. A data center and a cannabis grow center have demanding HVAC requirements, Ted Craig writes in ACHR NEWS. “The needs of the two facilities are very similar, although the cultivation facility proved a little trickier,” Craig reports. Lessons learned from data center conditioning are now being successfully adapted and applied to cannabis production. Craig recently sat down with two veteran HVAC contractors to learn best practices in cannabis grow centers.

In 2018, we profiled cannabis producer Circle S Farms in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Circle S Farms uses propane for heating and to power a microturbine for its 32,500-square-foot indoor production space and new 22,000-square-foot grow center. And the company is considering a co-gen power system that would use waste-gas exhaust from the microturbine to generate cooling HVAC. “It takes our efficiency of using the propane gas to about 92 percent on a co-gen setup,” Circle S’s owner, Curtis Huffman, says. Just down the road from Circle S Farms, Canadian marijuana grower Liht Cannabis Corp. (which changed its name to Citation Growth in 2019) anticipates its new propane-powered operation will generate an ROI in as little as 16 months.

With the cannabis sector surging, innovative power generation and HVAC technologies for grow centers will continue to be a popular topic in the year ahead.

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