Spurred by burgeoning consumer interest, mandates in California, and support from the Department of Energy, zero net energy (ZNE) and zero energy ready (ZER) homes will be in the spotlight in 2020. But that focus also brings attention to a common misconception — that ZNE and ZER homes are all-electric. In fact, mixed-fuel solutions are popular in these highly efficient projects because they offer lower monthly utility bills while still providing the comfort benefits of gas. Combining propane and electric allows for hybrid systems tailored to a project’s unique needs, providing lower first costs and reduced ongoing energy costs and emissions.

Of course, achieving success in zero energy projects is all about the details, which is why we created an in-depth, interactive feature dedicated to ZNE homes. Visit our interactive guide to ZNE homes to see project examples, ZNE strategies, and energy-cost calculations that highlight opportunities to build a ZNE home that will thrill even the most energy-conscious and demanding clients.