Getting the lay of the land when it comes to how material handling equipment is used within a facility is important. Fortunately, the Propane Education & Research Council, with input from industry professionals, created an extensive library of resources to share market insights and educate industry professionals on the benefits of propane-powered material handling equipment. Most notably, we recommend checking out these three free online resources from PERC:

The Propane Sales Action Plan

This downloadable brochure offers market insights, information on how to collaborate with forklift dealers and end-users, and tools that PERC has created for your team as well as dealers and end-users.

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The Road Map for Retailers

This “road map” outlines simple steps for retailers to follow that will help them understand the steps of getting involved in the forklift market. With this guide, retailers will:

  1. Explore the benefits of propane forklifts.
  2. Discover which brands manufacture propane forklifts.
  3. Learn to build relationships with local propane suppliers.
  4. Use PERC’s available tools and resources to your advantage.
  5. Consider PERC your point of contact for propane forklift questions.

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The Lift

Lastly, The Lift — PERC’s material handling enewsletter — is a quarterly digest that shares the latest news, industry case studies, general safety and operational tips, new resources available from PERC, and so much more — straight to your inbox. As a subscriber, you know how great The Lift is — so don’t let your customers miss out. We highly recommend you encourage them to subscribe, too.


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