With propane, businesses can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a refueling set-up that pairs perfectly with their specific demands. Propane lets facilities choose between on-site refueling or a cylinder exchange program, both of which allow forklift operators to quickly and easily switch out an empty cylinder for a full one in a matter of minutes when refueling is required. Gone are the hours of waiting for a battery to charge and “battery management” altogether is nonexistent for employees.

On-Site Refueling

On-site refueling benefits companies with third-shift operations with little downtime. With on-site refueling, a bulk tank is installed on the business’ property and employees are trained to refill the cylinders themselves from the tank.

Cylinder Exchange

A cylinder exchange program can be set up between a facility and its local propane supplier. In this case, businesses would confirm a refueling schedule based on their needs, and the propane supplier would visit regularly to swap out the empty cylinders with full ones. In addition, the propane supplier could help employees determine the right location for their secure, on-site cylinder cage where the cylinders would be stored until needed.


Businesses can work with their local supplier to determine which refueling solution is the right fit. Visit Propane.com/Where-to-Buy to find suppliers in your area.