The Propane Education & Research Council continues to work with several equipment manufacturers to develop new propane-powered agriculture equipment, as part of its ongoing efforts to meet the changing needs of today’s farmers. Farmers can expect to continue to see a growing number of cost-saving, efficient propane-powered equipment in a variety of sizes and from manufacturers across the nation in the years to come.

“Propane has numerous benefits over other fuel sources — including efficiency, cost savings, environmental benefits, reduced maintenance needs, and Tier 4 and EPA regulation compliancy,” said Mike Newland, PERC Director of Ag Business Development. “We’re excited to continue to expand the variety of propane-powered equipment available for today’s farmers so they can take advantage of these benefits.”

For more information about propane’s role in the 2019 growing season, opportunities for further savings with propane, and Mike Newland’s thoughts on the future of propane in agriculture, watch his interview with RFD-TV at the 2019 Husker Harvest Days show.