Crossfire Mechanical is in a unique position: It’s a boiler company that installs no boilers. That’s because the Bermuda Dunes, California–based mechanical contractor switched entirely to tankless water heaters. In Contractor, editor Steve Spaulding profiles owner Louis Dombrowski, a second-generation boiler contractor whose clients include hotel chains, apartment complexes, and country clubs. Using tankless water heater manufacturer Navien’s rack systems — which link multiple tankless units together with all plumbing, gas, and electrical connections ready for installation — Crossfire has drastically cut down its installation times, Dombrowski says.

“The fastest we’ve ever done an install is about three hours,” he tells Spaulding. “We’re talking about 1.2 [million] Btus. We’re doing installs quickly, on a moment’s notice. We’re the only guys doing that, and it has really set us apart from everyone else that we can offer this turnaround time, because in emergencies, people need it now.”

Dombrowski highlights a recent project the firm completed for a large, 350-room hotel that utilized 16 tankless water heaters. Because the system needs to bring additional water heater units online only when hot-water demand increases, it offers an excellent turn-down ratio, he notes.

Learn more about how tankless water heaters work in commercial buildings by checking out our motion graphic, or see what a tankless water system might look like for your building type with our tankless sizing infographic.

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