Demand for generators thrives amid planned California outages

In tinderbox-dry regions of California, the slightest spark can escalate into an out-of-control blaze. California’s power utility PG&E plans to preemptively pull the power plug during dangerously dry and windy weather in an effort to prevent wildfires, putting as many as 16 million customers at risk for power outages that could last up to five days. With those long power outages looming, demand for standby generators is growing exponentially, Elena Shao reports in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Liesl Ramsey, CEO of Leete Generators in Santa Rosa, lost her own home in the Tubbs Fire in 2017. She says she’s received record numbers of calls about backup power systems since then — and the number grows every time PG&E sends a letter warning about potential power shutoffs. “We’ve had so many people come to us — people are very worried and upset,” she tells Shao. Shao adds: “Her 16-person team has sometimes had to work 15-hour days to keep up with the unprecedented amount of business they’ve been getting.”

For builders and remodelers in California or other areas with similar natural threats, becoming familiar with propane-fueled standby generator technologies and incorporating them into your offerings is a way to show your customers that you’re invested in the performance and resilience of their homes. A quick way to get started is with our residential standby generator brochure, which you can share with your customers when you’re discussing ways they can protect their homes from possible power outages. You can also share our series of videos debunking four myths about standby generators with expert builder Matt Risinger.

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