What truly distinguishes a propane home from an all-electric home? When builders get this question from clients, the Virtual Propane Home is an ideal tool to discuss the opportunities and advantages available by using propane. This interactive tool features two propane homes built with different lifestyles in mind, showcasing the energy efficiency and homeowner comfort benefits of building with propane.

The Getaway Home is a 2,400-square-foot retreat emphasizing propane systems that enhance luxury and performance, such as radiant heating, a tankless water heater, and a pool surrounded by patio heaters, making the home perfect for a cozy getaway. The Family Home is a larger, 3,600-square-foot dwelling that takes maximum advantage of the capabilities of propane, offering unique amenities such as a spa, garage zone heater, lamp posts, and more.

Another useful feature of the tool to review with your clients is a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index comparison between each home and a comparable standard all-electric home. Newport Partners LLC, an independent third-party research firm, conducted careful modeling analysis of the HERS Index for the propane and all-electric homes in three different climate zones, finding that propane homes achieved significant HERS Index improvements over the standard home. Use the comparison alongside the multiple interactive views of each home to guide your clients through a fully informed discussion of everything propane can do to make their home more comfortable and more affordable to operate.

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