Manufacturers agree that the boiler market in 2019 is headed in one primary direction: toward condensing technology. In PHCP Pros, Ronnie Wendt speaks with manufacturers to get their take on the most important trends in boiler technology for the years ahead. High-efficiency condensing boilers, which can be fueled by propane, natural gas, or oil, achieve top-notch efficiency by capturing waste heat from exhaust gases. And they’re growing in popularity more quickly than ever, Wendt finds. “The HVAC industry is moving toward higher-efficiency boilers faster than last year,” Kal Osman, director of boiler product management for AERCO, tells Wendt.

Three years ago, the Department of Energy finalized new standards that raised minimum efficiency levels for residential boilers. While the standards won’t take effect until 2021, most manufacturers are introducing products that meet these mandates, Wendt says. These new regulations and a boost in consumer demand for higher-efficiency products are pushing contractors and the industry to optimize their boiler systems to achieve the best performance on any project.

And as the modern smart home integrates more systems that can be monitored and controlled remotely, boiler manufacturers are ensuring their products offer intuitive, easy-to-use controls. That said, remote connectivity might not take over completely, at least this year. “Adoption of new technology takes longer in the heating industry than in many other industries so this transition is happening at a slower rate than initial interest may have suggested,” Chuck O’Donnell, director of marketing, LAARS Heating Systems, tells Wendt.

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