A 2018 report from the National Restaurant Association found that restaurants are placing a priority on operating more sustainably — including the way they heat their water. The report surveyed 500 restaurant owners and found that nearly a quarter have installed tankless water heaters in their establishments. “Tankless water heaters are, and will continue to be, an increasingly attractive option for restaurateurs looking for reliability and a smaller footprint at their establishments,” James Facer, national account manager for commercial products at Noritz, a tankless water heater manufacturer, tells Andrew Tran in a column for PM Engineer.

The technology is becoming more important for several reasons, he says. Tankless water heaters offer redundancy, with multiple units banked in series so there is no single point of failure. They offer a smaller footprint, with wall-mount options that keep the water heater off the floor. And they avoid the 6 percent latent heat losses caused by storing unused hot water. Check out the report below, and to learn more about going tankless in commercial buildings, be sure to download our new e-book: The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Tankless Water Heating.

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