In its recent annual survey of U.S. homebuilders, Home Innovation Research Labs asked builders about their biggest challenges with a common industry painpoint: meeting current energy codes. In an excerpt from his review of the responses on Builder, Home Innovation’s market research director, Ed Hudson, finds that many of the challenges could be solved or at least partially addressed with better education and training.

“A frequent comment was that subcontractors are not adequately trained to implement the energy improvements required by building code,” he says. “Builders said they often resort to personally training subs and overseeing their work.” He adds that builders are faced with too many options and not enough knowledge to optimize the selection of systems and materials. So they’re stymied on knowing where to begin: A more-efficient envelope? More-efficient HVAC systems? Solar energy?

Several resources developed by the Propane Education & Research Council can help builders cut through the noise to start developing straightforward paths to energy code compliance.

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