Boiler connectivity may not have the smart-home pizzazz of a Nest thermostat or a smart doorbell. But in a world where consumers and contractors increasingly expect to be able to access and control their devices remotely, boiler manufacturers are improving the way their units are controlled. In ACHR News, Maria Taylor writes that manufacturers are focusing on how people interact with their heating systems. “The boiler, I would say, is not getting smarter,” Dan Moffroid, director of product management for Bosch Thermotechnology, tells Taylor. “It is a system for heating the water. What is getting smarter are the controls for heating the water: the capability to connect with the outside world to do monitoring, remote controlling. We’re going the direction where the boiler is part of a home ecosystem that is controlled off of an app.”

While much of the media’s smart-home coverage has focused on consumer electronics and lighting, home systems such as propane space heating and water heating are now increasingly vital parts of today’s connected homes. Highlighting the real-world applications of these technologies for your tech-savvy customers can help you stand out from the competition.

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