Propane has convenient refueling infrastructure solutions for small, medium, and large fleets. To choose the best fit for your company, check out these recommendations, then call your local propane supplier for more information.

Refueling a small to medium fleet (5-10 mowers)

For smaller fleets with 5 to 10 mowers, a cylinder exchange is typically the easiest option — not to mention the fastest to set up. Propane cylinders are stored in secure cages located at a contractor’s facility. As cylinders are used, a propane supplier will come to swap out the empty cylinders for full ones and can even schedule more visits during busy months. With this setup, crews can quickly grab one or two full cylinders from the cage to load on a truck trailer before heading to a job site.

Contractors can also choose to lease or own cylinders. With leasing, your propane provider takes care of cylinder maintenance and recertification. Owned cylinders can be used for up to 27 years with proper care and recertification.

Refueling larger fleets (More than 10 mowers)

Larger fleets may see more value in on-site dispensing, in which a propane tank is installed at a contractor’s fleet facility along with a no-spill dispenser. This allows trained employees to refill empty cylinders before or after use, eliminating any need for crews to stop at refilling stations before going to a job site.

Like with cylinder exchange, contractors can choose to lease or own the refueling infrastructure. In both instances, contractors are responsible for basic site prep, which includes electricity for the station, concrete pads, and crash protection bollards.

For more information on propane refueling, watch this 3-minute video and read our real world mower fleets case study to learn how else propane can benefit your business.