HVAC contractors are on the front lines when it comes to selecting the right heating source for a project, so they’re a perfect choice to play the role of mythbuster when confronted by misinformation from customers or colleagues. In Contracting Business, Jesse Marcus from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) highlights five myths surrounding propane furnaces and the facts that HVAC pros should know to correct those misperceptions.

One common myth? That homes in warmer climates don’t benefit from high-efficiency propane furnaces. The truth, Marcus says, is that propane furnaces deliver a more comfortable heat in any climate. “A recent study from PERC titled ‘A Comparative Analysis of Residential Heating Systems’ found that in home simulations, propane-forced air furnaces typically provide warmer heat than homes with heat pumps, which is likely to be perceived as more comfortable for those living in the home.” Even in mixed climates, supply air from air-source heat pumps will still feel cool for the majority of the season, so a propane backup furnace is a smart choice to deliver warmer heat when needed.

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