If your customer is convinced that the heat coming out of their guest bedroom vent is hotter than the air in the kitchen, they now have a way to find out for sure. Writing in Curbed, Liz Stinson reports that a new intelligent vent system called Alea Air includes vents with sensors to let owners track and adjust temperature, air quality, noise, and more. “The vents constantly monitor ambient air quality and temperature and store that information in a cloud database that’s able to determine the right temperature room-by-room based on information including weather forecasts, how many people are in a room, its size, and the time of day,” Stinson writes. “All of this additional information allows a central air system to run more efficiently, the company claims.”

The Alea Air system is another indication that homeowners aren’t willing to settle when it comes to the comfort of their home heating and cooling systems. For builders and contractors, it’s a good time to catch up on our latest comparative heating analysis, which includes comfort modeling to project how often various heating systems will deliver air at a temperature that feels comfortable to the occupant. The results of the study are covered in a new course at the Propane Training Academy: A Comparative Analysis of Residential Heating Systems.

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