Builders are constantly taking measurements while on the job site utilizing many tools that can sometimes be a hassle. However, many people don’t realize that there are a few apps that can be used for this task. Below we have highlighted a few of the best measurement apps for contractors, currently supported in iOS.

Easy Measure

This is an augmented reality app that measures the approximate distance between the user and any object that’s on the same plane as the user. For example, let’s say you wanted to get a rough estimate of the length of an unfinished basement. Instead of running a tape measure, you can stand at one end of the room and use the targeting arrow within the app’s camera viewer to locate the bottom of the opposite wall. The app provides the measurement and the degree of error (the farther the object, the greater the error) in inches or feet. Note the rule about the two objects being on the same plane. The app will not work if, for example, you tried to measure the total rise of a flight of stairs.

Bottom line: This is a handy free measurement app for contractors that gives accurate readings while also saving time.

DEWALT Mobile Pro

The phrase “must have” comes to mind when describing this full-featured calculator and reference tool designed for trade pros. The base version includes specific calculation sets for drywall construction, roofing, slab pours, and other residential jobs. For example, enter information such as stud spacing, number of openings and corners, and linear feet of walls, and the app calculates the number of total studs needed. Optional paid specialty packs for trim and finish carpentry, site work, electrical, and other subs add even more depth.

Bottom line: A robust feature set, and the few links to DeWalt site content are unobtrusive and helpful. Without a doubt a great free measurement app for builders that will ease this tedious task from the comfort of your phone.


Few iPhone users realize that a level app exists natively within iOS. Inexplicably located inside the compass app, the level works in whatever direction you hold the phone — portrait, landscape, or flat. In portrait or landscape modes, the app displays an airplane-style horizon line and a number indicating the degrees off a perfect level. Laying the phone flat causes the app to bring up a bubble-style level that works in all directions. Line up the circles to find a horizontal level on both axes.

Bottom line: A good backup if you’ve left your torpedo level in the truck.

Photo Measures Lite

Photo Measures Lite allows users to mark up photos with dimensions and notes, then save or share them with others. The concept is so simple that the app doesn’t seem worth mentioning, until you try to imagine how else you would accomplish the same task without the app. For example, let’s say you wanted to describe to your deck builder how the back of the property slopes down to the patio. You’d probably send measurements, notes, and instructions in an email and attach a photo, and hope the recipient can piece the information together. Photo Measures Lite combines all the info — visual, textual, and numerical — into a single image, leaving little room for misunderstanding.

Bottom line: The free version allows users to save only up to two images. But you can cheat the system by saving those images to your photo album and deleting them from the app. Or just upgrade to the paid pro version.

Space Heating Energy Calculator and Water Heating Energy Calculator

One of the most frequent questions asked by homeowners who want to reduce energy costs in their new home or remodel is “How much will the new system save me?” The Space Heating Energy Calculator and Water Heating Energy Calculator estimate the annual energy cost and carbon emissions you can expect from a space or water heating system using propane, fuel oil, or electricity — a big difference from other calculation apps that only work with one energy type. Enter essential information, such as location of the home, system type, and efficiency rating, and the app figures out the estimated amount the homeowner will pay each year. The payback calculator allows you to enter details for a standard system and a higher-efficiency option — along with installation costs and available rebates or incentives — to compare the two systems side-by-side. With two systems to compare, the apps will also calculate how long it will take for homeowners to break even on their investment in more-efficient technology.

Bottom line: Our newest mobile tool provides access to our in-depth energy cost data wherever you go.

For more information, visit our construction equipment page where you can find propane equipment that can facilitate your projects. Whether you are working on residential or commercial jobs you can find everything you need.

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