Modular builder Nationwide Custom Homes, based in Martinsville, Virginia, constructed the 55+ Home in the Show Village at the International Builders Show. The home featured propane appliances, including a tankless water heater, home standby generator, fireplace, and cooking and drying appliances, to make the home stand out to baby-boomer buyers. But including propane systems isn’t unusual for Nationwide. In this video, Donald Aheron, the builder’s vice president of engineering, explains why these amenities are common in the company’s custom homes, and why incorporating them seamlessly is essential to keep up with the competition.

Modular Success at Nationwide Custom Homes

For custom homebuilders, the competition is always fierce. In this video, Donald Aheron, vice president of engineering for Nationwide Custom Homes, explains his firm’s modular building process and why seamlessly incorporating propane amenities is essential to keep up with the competition.

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