Aging infrastructure powered by legacy fuels posed a challenge to the Sanford School District’s already tight budget. Sanford High School’s 25-year-old oil boiler system was inefficient and near the end of its life, while the diesel school bus fleet was smelly and frequently under maintenance. Inspired by a successful switch to a propane autogas bus fleet, the district decided to upgrade to new high-efficiency propane boilers. The propane boilers provide annual savings of $31,292. And because the necessary replacement project was justified through cost savings alone, the district did not have to set aside a large capital improvement budget, allowing the district to reinvest where it matters—in teachers and the classroom.

Download the case study (PDF) to learn more, or check out the video below.

Straight Talk: Sanford School District Runs on Propane

Fed up with Sanford High School’s old, inefficient oil boilers, the Sanford School District made the switch to high-efficiency boilers fueled by propane.