Smart thermostats have gone from a customer-requested value add to the status quo. They’ve also become the gateway for homeowners to other internet-connected home devices, such as cameras, motion sensors, sound systems, and even access control. Although the impact of smart technology in the market has been profound, HVAC contractors don’t need to upend their business models in order to incorporate such products and systems into their lineups, ACHR News explains. Familiarizing your customers and employees with the technology is key, and the best way to do that is by using the technology yourself and as a business. Addressing customer concern about comfort, security, and energy efficiency is important, and that first-hand experience can help.

Incorporating smart technology with propane home systems can help manage fuel consumption, keeping your homeowners comfortable and aware of their utility costs year-round. Learn more about how propane can be used to fuel a variety of home systems by checking out the Propane Energy Pod.

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