As part of its settlement with the federal government over false emissions testing data, Volkswagen created an Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund, which financially supports actions that reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions across a wide variety of vehicles: school buses, transit buses, and class 4-7 medium-duty trucks. While the total amount of funds in the VW settlement aimed at reducing vehicle emissions is $2.7 billion, the distribution varies from state to state based on how many VW diesel vehicles were sold in each state during the false reporting timeframe. The states will ultimately decide how their portion of the settlement fund gets allocated.

Because propane autogas offers the greatest NOx reduction per dollar invested of any fuel, school districts should contact their state energy officials about including propane autogas school buses in their state’s plan to utilize the VW settlement funds. For example, by replacing all diesel school buses older than model year 2007 with new propane autogas buses, NOx emissions could be reduced by more than 92 percent. A new propane autogas even lowers NOx emissions by 96 percent versus a clean diesel bus, according to a new study that looked at both bus types in real world operation.

There are many benefits that come with using propane autogas, including:

  • The lowest total cost-of-ownership from reduced fuel costs and no need for additional fluids or filters.
  • More uptime due to less maintenance requirements and unexpected repairs.
  • Noticeably quieter operation compared to diesel vehicles.
  • Affordable infrastructure with both private and public refueling options.
  • Greater energy independence, with 90 percent of propane produced in America.
  • No modifications are required if the facility is code compliant for conventional fuels.

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