Tankless water heater manufacturers are honing their offerings to make them a better fit for commercial applications, writes John McNally in pme magazine. “Eric Manzano, an engineering training specialist with Noritz, can see a day where larger commercial applications, such as a hospital, can use the technology,” McNally writes. “It will take some more innovation and expansion, but it is possible.” Manufacturers are evolving options such as Wi-Fi technology, rack systems that cascade multiple units, and more-sophisticated controls to make life easier for commercial building owners. Read the article below, and check out the behind-the-scenes video shoot where Building Science visits Rinnai to learn more about their commercial water heating technologies.

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Building Science: Tankless Water Heaters

Building Science visits Rinnai to learn more about their tankless rack system, an innovation that brings the efficiency of on-demand water heating to commercial applications.

Building Science: Demand Duo System

Part 2 examines the Demand Duo System, a commercial hybrid water heating system that combines the on-demand continuous supply technology of a tankless water heater with a 119-gallon storage tank.

Building Science: Rinnai’s Quality Assurance

Part 3 of this Building Science series explores the forethought and building science that takes place behind the scenes at Rinnai.