Living off the grid is gaining traction across the country, and not just with those who, in the past, have been content to live in the most basic of homes. Performance homes are now part of the off-grid world, and with that comes the desire for top-of-the-line appliances.

Off-grid appliances should use less energy, have a smaller footprint and, in the case of ranges, be able to operate without electricity. For those reasons, propane is an appropriate energy choice whether as a backup for a renewable energy system or as a home’s primary fuel source.

Direct-vent furnaces from Rinnai
Wall furnaces require only a 3-inch wall terminal hole, which makes them a perfect way to supply comfortable consistent heat without ducts. Available in 8,000 Btu to 38,400 Btu, Rinnai’s furnaces have up to an 83 percent AFUE efficiency rating, are cool to the touch, and very quiet.

Velux solar storage tank with gas backup
This two-in-one storage tank includes a solar heat exchanger as well as a backup burner, potentially lowering equipment costs. The tanks are available in 60-, 80-, and 120-gallon sizes and have been designed to provide the equivalent hot water performance of standard 30-, 50-, and 75-gallon residential water heaters, respectively.

EcoGen 6 kW generator from Generac
As the only installed generator engineered specifically for off-grid use, the EcoGen 6 kW aims to raise the performance bar for alternative energy backup power options by improving fuel efficiency and product life, and lowering noise. It’s the first standby generator to be warranted for off-grid applications when used in an alternative energy system.

Kill A Watt Meter from P3 International
When living off the grid, especially with a generator backup, it’s helpful to know what appliances consume electricity even when they’re off. Plug an appliance into Kill A Watt and it will assess how much power it’s actually consuming. You can also check the quality of power by monitoring voltage and line frequency.

Propane gas range from Unique
Available in black or white, Unique’s 30- and 24-inch propane range uses virtually no electricity, just two 9-volt batteries that power the range’s safer ignition system. That means there is no standing pilot light, which saves money and fuel.

Propane lamp by Falks
The single wall gas light from Falks offers light that is the equivalent of a 75-watt electric bulb; a double lamps offers the equivalent of 150 watts. Both come in solid polished brass.

Unique 18 stainless steel refrigerator
As the largest certified propane refrigerator manufactured, the Unique 18 features clean, modern style, a battery-operated interior light, and 17.7 cubic feet of space.