In an informative and wide-ranging conversation on regulations, technology, installation, and the future, PHC News spoke with 11 tankless water heater manufacturers to get their take on the state of the industry. Most of the companies discussed the Department of Energy’s revision of the Energy Factor (EF) efficiency metric to create a new measure, the Uniform Energy Factor (UEF). Manufacturers are required to change the energy efficiency labels on water heaters effective June 2017. Many of the companies also commented on the growth of tankless water heating in the commercial market. “The tankless offerings continue to grow as the commercial markets begin to understand the benefits of safer, more efficient and smaller footprint solutions,” Kunal Shah, product solutions manager, water heaters at AERCO International Inc., told the reporter. “As the tankless technology has become more reliable and economical, customers have come to specify it with regularity in both retrofit and new designs.”

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