It’s no secret that propane autogas offers fleets of all sizes a number of great benefits and advantages. Here are the top ten facts that show why transitioning a fleet to propane autogas can positively impact companies, fleets, drivers, and customers.

  1. Propane autogas vehicles cost less over the life of the vehicle compared to diesel and gasoline vehicles.
  2. Fleets can save between 30 to 50 percent on propane autogas compared to gasoline and diesel fuel costs.
  3. Propane autogas is a non-contaminant of soil, air, and water.
  4. Propane autogas reduces the amount of greenhouse gas, NOx, and SOx emissions produced by vehicles.
  5. Propane autogas doesn’t require additional fluids or filters to meet emissions requirements.
  6. Approximately 90 percent of all propane is produced within the U.S.
  7. Propane retailers located throughout the U.S. can help fleets get set up with propane autogas.
  8. With propane autogas, there are refueling options to fit the needs of any fleet.
  9. Unlike diesel, propane autogas is not restricted by anti-idling laws and requirements.
  10. Propane autogas engines are noticeably quieter than their diesel counterparts, which can give customers, students, and communities a better, quieter experience when service trucks, public transit vehicles or school buses go into residential neighborhoods.

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