Service technicians of any vehicle fleet that uses a Staubli nozzle for refueling should follow a few simple preventative maintenance steps. These steps ensure the nozzle works as intended when called upon and will help to prevent a small issue from becoming an expensive problem.

While there are two types of Staubli nozzles, these maintenance procedures are beneficial for both.

  1.  Lubricate the nozzle monthly.
    The Staubli nozzles should be lubricated no less than once per month with WD-40 Specialist Spray and Stay Gel Lubricant. More lubricant applications may be required in high-traffic applications.
  2. Check the front screw.
    The Staubli Nozzle’s front screws should be checked regularly for proper tightness. If any screws are found to have loosened, they should be removed and reinstalled, one at a time, adding a drop of Locite Threadlocker Blue 242 before a final tightening. Also, don’t over-torque the screws.
  3. Replace the seal and spring.
    The front seal and locking sleeve spring of the Staubli nozzle should be replaced annually.

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