Is your business ready for construction’s high-tech future? From off-site construction to artificial intelligence, technology is changing the way we design and build. That’s generating interest from Silicon Valley investors, particularly around ways to capture and analyze the vast amounts of data generated on construction jobsites and in smart buildings today. Those are a few of Building Design + Construction’s takeaways from its latest annual survey of the largest architecture, engineering, and construction firms in the country. Those 480 companies account for 60–80 percent of the design and construction work annually in nonresidential market sectors, so they’re well-positioned to see trends coming down the pike before smaller companies may be affected.

Propane can help construction pros and building owners capitalize on these trends wherever they are, and it can help economically incorporate renewable energy sources like geothermal and solar at a large scale. Check out our ebook on commercial applications to learn how propane can be used in your nonresidential projects.

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