The ongoing skilled-labor shortage has the construction industry looking for ways to contribute to workforce development. Builders, material suppliers, and propane professionals in New Hampshire did just that by teaming up with students and faculty from the J. Oliva Huot Technical Center in Laconia, New Hampshire, to build a tiny house. This wasn’t the school’s first time building a tiny house. A group of students from the program won a tiny-house building competition funded by the New Hampshire Lottery the year before. (Their winning project is shown above.) Building this year’s 192-square-foot tiny house gave students the opportunity to learn about critical home systems — framing, plumbing, propane, electrical, HVAC, and more — right in the classroom. Being portable and clean-burning, propane helped make the mobile learning experience possible by fueling the home’s tankless water heater. Pros benefitted, too. Dead River, the propane supplier, told Build With Propane that it recently hired one of the students from the program.

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