Building envelopes are getting tighter as energy codes become more stringent and homeowners look for new ways to reduce their monthly utility bills. That’s raising the bar for home ventilation. High-efficiency features such as continuous insulation and triple-glazed windows reduce natural airflow through the home, making it difficult to dissipate volatile organic compounds and particulates generated by regular home activities like cooking and cleaning. Several products have emerged to help homeowners monitor indoor air quality, according to ACHR News. One new class of devices uses sensors placed throughout the home to monitor air quality, syncing with Internet-connected thermostats to adjust ventilation rates and bring more fresh air into the space.

Using high-efficiency home systems can help your owners balance their desire for a tight envelope to cut energy costs with their ventilation needs. To learn more about how high-efficiency propane space and water heating systems can help builders optimize their home designs, download our fact sheet.

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