Propane is gaining attention as a fuel that gives municipalities a way to simultaneously cut maintenance costs and reduce emissions. Equipment dealers should educate city fleet managers or parks and recreation directors about the benefits of propane equipment using this list of PERC resources.

  1. This municipal landing page from PERC includes information on the benefits of refueling with propane and links to case studies and testimonial videos of successful propane users. This resource can help as municipalities start budget planning in the spring.
  2. The Propane Mower Incentive Program can save municipalities $1,000 for each propane-dedicated mower purchase and $500 for each qualified conversion kit.
  3. MunicipalityTarget-OneSheeter to give to fleet managers or mail to city council members.
  4. Put your dealership on the Propane Equipment Dealer Point, where municipalities searching for propane mowers go to find dealers with the knowledge they need to equip fleets with the alternative fuel.