Contractors operating propane mowers enjoy many benefits. In the field, propane mowers increase productivity and reduce fuel costs. Beyond the fleet’s work in the field, the fuel enables contractors to market themselves as a “green” company — and potentially earn new customers. Here are three green messages about propane that contractors can incorporate into their company’s marketing strategy for next season and use to differentiate themselves from competitors.

1. Propane has reduced emissions.

In comparison to gasoline mowers, propane mowers generally reduce:

  • Greenhouse gases by 17 percent.
  • Nitrogen oxide by 19 percent.
  • Sulfur oxide emissions by 16 percent.
  • Carbon monoxide emissions by 40 percent.

2. Propane mowers can keep cutting on Ozone Action Days.

Because propane mowers produce fewer emissions, operation isn’t suspended during local ozone action days or air quality restrictions, which can park gasoline mowers when ground-level ozone is too high in many markets across the country.

3. Propane is a no-spill fuel.

Propane mowers use a closed-loop fuel system, so there’s no fumbling with a funnel and fuel tank over a customer’s property or street that could leave drops of fuel in reach of children or pets.

Including these green messages in marketing programs and materials may attract customers concerned about the effects of gasoline exhaust or exposure around their home and community, or who want to reduce their own carbon footprint. Additionally, promoting the use of propane can help contractors meet and win bids from public agencies that have sustainable initiatives. For more information about propane mowers, visit