There’s a lot to do for contractors in early spring, before the cutting season goes into full swing. Here are five items to ensure your equipment, crews and company are ready for the season.

1. Get equipment ready. Take the time now and do the little things that set your equipment up for a season of success — and potentially prevent downtime later. Change the oil and replace air filters. Wipe down or even power wash the larger equipment to remove buildup left from winter storage or the prior season. Make sure your mower batteries are fully charged. Inspect and replace spark plugs and any inline fuel filters as needed.
2. Set up fuel delivery. Touch base with your propane retailer and set a fuel delivery schedule for the season. Tailoring fuel delivery schedules to your business’s operation ahead of the mowing season can help improve productivity.
3. Give yourself (a tax) credit. If you use propane autogas work trucks, don’t forget to claim the federal tax credit for gallons consumed in 2016. Contractors can still receive a $0.36 tax credit per gallon of propane autogas used during each quarter of the year. Tax credits have not been extended, however, to include gallons consumed in 2017.
4. Reinforce safety practices. The spring season is a great time to give crews a safety refresher. Review fuel handling and refueling safety protocols with all crew members. Your propane provider is a great resource for all your propane training needs.
 5. Market yourself as a clean company: Don’t forget to tell current and prospective customers about your decision to use clean-burning propane. Use it to your advantage and include your use of propane mowers in all of your pre-season marketing materials.

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